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Introducing Tasting Kitchen Orange Honey Teriyaki

From Japanese, to Vietnamese, and Hawaiian cuisine, Teriyaki has become a global phenomenon. The sweet and savory flavor blend adorns everything from hamburgers, to pineapple, chicken, fish, and of course, beef jerky. Teriyaki has become so ubiquitous in today’s culinary world that most people have probably forgotten its origin and true meaning.

What is this magical, savory, delicious thing all about? Where does it come from? Is it a sauce? A flavor? A technique?

What exactly is Teriyaki?

Teriyaki is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine. Foods are broiled or grilled with a glaze of soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar. Teriyaki is derived from the Japanese root words teri (to shine) and yaki (to broil or grill) – hence the shiny look of grilled Teriyaki foods. Traditionally, the meat, fish or vegetable is dipped or brushed with the sauce several times during the cooking process. So in this sense, Teriyaki refers to both the sauce and the technique. In other words, the sauce and the technique are inseparable concepts in Japanese cooking.

In most of today’s interpretations, Teriyaki refers to sauces, glazes, and marinades that are composed of the four essential parts: soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar. Ginger, honey, sesame, and pineapple juice are sometimes added to increase the complexity of the flavor experience.

So, to answer the question at hand, Teriyaki most commonly refers to any grilled, roasted, or broiled food that is marinated with, or served with, the sauce comprised of the four core components. The real question remains, however, as to who was the first person to incorporate Teriyaki flavors into beef jerky. I suppose we’ll never know…So where does that leave us?

As homage to Teriyaki sauce, we are proud to introduce the Orange Honey Teriyaki.

Orange Honey Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Introducing the Newest Flavor Creation from the Tasting Kitchen...Orange Honey Teriyaki

The Orange Honey Teriyaki is one of our sweeter flavor profiles, but balanced with savory elements of Teriyaki sauce. All four core elements of Teriyaki sauce – soy sauce, vinegar/mirin, sugar, and alcohol/wine – are present and given equal weight. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve elevated the core flavors for added complexity. We enhanced the sweetness with honey and introduced a citrus component with a touch of orange juice and orange oil for a twist of bright citrus. We bring it home with a subtle hint of ginger to give the sweetness a little bite at the end.

The first bite introduces a ping of sweetness and citrus from the honey and orange flavor. Continued chewing slowly brings through the more savory aspects of the Teriyaki sauce such as the spices and soy sauce. A subtle touch of ginger lingers in the mouth.

The Orange Honey Teriyaki is perfect for Teriyaki and sweet jerky lovers everywhere. Don’t be afraid, the flavor isn’t too “orangey.” With all of our jerky, we want the texture and flavor to still be “meat-focused.” Our goal is to create a well-balanced, flavorful, and highly snackable jerky.

Check out the Orange Honey Teriyaki today.