One of the more delicious parts of our job is the recipe testing that goes on in our Tasting Kitchen. Some of our most successful flavors came straight from the Tasting Kitchen (see: Sriracha Beef Jerky which has done so well we've decided to keep it around for good). We are constantly searching for new flavors and spices from around the world. And we want to bring those special flavors directly to you.  So every few months we will offer one of our (potentially) limited-edition, small batch flavors.

We are excited to introduce the second Tasting Kitchen flavor...


We wanted to build on the momentum of the Sriracha Beef Jerky so we continued to explore flavor profiles popular in Asian culinary communities. Garlic is one of the simplest and most popular ingredients in the world and we thought it could really shine in a beef jerky. So we hit this spice blend with a healthy dose of garlic. We wanted to introduce some brightness to counterbalance the richness of the garlic so we infused some ginger. To round out the flavors, we integrated sesame oil and sesame seeds which introduces a distinctly Asian flavor profile. While these flavors give this jerky an undeniably unique flavor, we stayed true to our roots by making sure that the natural meat flavors still came through on the palette. 


Have a specific flavor, sauce, or spice you want us to try for the next batch? We’re always up for the challenge. Leave us a comment below or tweet at us @pcbeefjerky and we might give it a try!