From barrister to bartender - the Bruery, a craft brew house in Orange County, grew out of founder Patrick Rue’s interest in home brewing, an obsession he fostered while in law school.

Patrick eventually walked away from a career as a lawyer so he could embrace craft beer making full time. And once the Bruery moved out his home kitchen and into warehouses with giant foeders and wooden barrels, Patrick’s passion for quality and experimentation has only grown.

 As a result, The Bruery has created an impressive collection of tasty and unique concoctions. They now boast over 80 experimental brews, though only a handful of them at a time see distribution.

Here you can see a few that are available in limited supply right now, ranging from the Poterie 8th Anniversary Ale to Or Xata. Look out for them on store shelves (or you could just visit their tasting room). 

For more info on the Breury, check out their website or their Instagram account.