Machaca Breakfast Taco

Recipe: The Easiest Taco in the World

There are a million things to love about the People's Choice Machaca. 

It's a quick & easy snack, versatile ingredient, and easy-chewing option for those with sensitive teeth.

The best reason? It's the secret ingredient in the Easiest Taco Recipe in the World. But, in case you need a little more convincing, here are a few reasons why the Machaca is a great snack option.

What is Machaca?

Machaca is a shredded beef jerky. We take our Old Fashioned Original jerky and shred it to a fine and airy consistency.  

What makes Machaca so unique?

  1. READY TO EAT — Is it done? 125°F, 140°F? Don't worry about cooking temperatures and doneness! Let us do the cooking. Machaca is already fully cooked, just heat it up. 

  2. LONG SHELF LIFE — Because it's dried in the style of a beef jerky, it stays fresh for 1 full year. Save and store it in your pantry. Break it out when you need a protein-packed snack.

  3. PROTEIN BOOST — Each 1 oz. serving of Machaca has 16g of Protein.

  4. JUNK FREE — 1g sugar, 1g carb per 1 oz. serving, Gluten-Free, and a list of ingredients you can pronounce.

  5. PALEO FRIENDLY — All meat and spices. No artificial ingredients or preservatives.

  6. VERSATILE INGREDIENT — Perfect for soups and salads. Or even the delicious breakfast recipe Machaca con Huevos.


    The Easiest Taco Recipe in the World

    Machaca Taco

    1 oz. People's Choice Machaca
    1 Tortilla
    3/4 c. Water
    Optional Garnish: Cheese, Onion, Cilantro, Salsa

    Directions: Using a medium skilled, add Machaca and Water. Cook until most of the water has evaporated and Machaca is warmed through. Add to Tortilla and garnish with favorite toppings. That's it. Really. That's it. 

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