Ever had a wallet fall apart at the seams? Brothers Chris and Jason of American Bench Craft have. It’s what convinced them to create the Hammer Riveted Wallet. Seamless, handmade and durable, the brothers put eventually put their creation on kickstarter, garnering over $19,000 in startup funds. Soon after, American Bench Craft was born.

Everything the brothers do in their shop is about craftsmanship and authenticity. Their wallets and belts are made using traditional techniques, by hand. 

The American Bench Craft production process features absolutely no electricity or automation; everything from cutting and stamping to riveting and finishing is done manually through skill, patience and old fashioned elbow grease.

Inspired by their grandfathers and an age when tools were hardy enough to last a lifetime, Chris and Jason value simplicity, tradition, loyalty and quality – timeless values that imbue everything they do in business and in life.

Make sure to check out their line of wallets and belts at their website. You can also follow them on Instagram here.